The UNC Department of Family Medicine is committed to providing high quality health care to vulnerable and underserved populations. All residents in our core program receive training in caring for the underserved and gain experience providing care to patients from underserved populations in our UNC Family Medicine Center on campus. For residents interested in expanded training in caring for underserved populations with an emphasis on Latino Health and Spanish-speaking patients, we offer the Underserved Track.

The Program

The Underserved Track provides residents with their continuity experience at a Federally Qualified Health Center and the opportunity to work with a higher volume of Spanish speaking patients. The Underserved Track is an exceptional opportunity for residents interested in a career focused on the care of underserved populations, engagement in community health, and innovation and leadership in health care delivery.

PHS docThe Underserved Track is designed for residents looking to enhance their competency in caring for diverse patient populations that have often experienced significant disparities in health. Residents pursuing the Underserved Track will gain a deeper knowledge of the social determinants of health and explore potential remedies that address these issues on a local, regional and national scale.

Residents in the Underserved Track participate in our core residency program and are exposed to identical curriculum and rotations as all UNC Family Medicine residents. However, they will have their continuity clinic experience in a rural Federally Qualified Health Center (instead of the UNC Family Medicine Center) that serves a large Spanish-speaking population (see below). In addition, residents in the Underserved Track are required to participate in the Area of Concentration in Caring for the Underserved.

Prospect Hill Community Health Center

A core component of the Underserved Track is the continuity clinic experience at Prospect Hill Community Health Center (PHCHC), a Federally Qualified Community HealthPHS Sign Center located in a rural, medically underserved area 27 miles northeast of Chapel Hill.

A few things to know about the Prospect Hill:

  • PHCHC is the oldest community health center in North Carolina with over 40 years of service to its surrounding community.
  • PHCHC serves a diverse population with over 50% Spanish speaking patients and has a busy maternal child health program, as well as a Farm Worker Outreach program.
  • The clinic has an onsite Pharmacy, Dental Clinic, WIC program, Integrated Behavioral Health and a Social Worker.
  • We perform Point-of-Care Ultrasound with a dedicated MSK Ultrasound Procedures clinic and routine Third Trimester OB US.
  • Additionally we have a Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) clinic that provides free contraception to our patients.
  • PHCHC opened a renovated 4,000-square-foot facility in June 2011 and the health center has a dedicated group of faculty and support staff.

Applying to the Underserved Track

The Underserved Track has a separate match number from our core program where residents are at the UNC Family Medicine Center as its continuity site. The separate match numbers allows applicants to rank their preferred site for their continuity practice. Spanish language proficiency is required for participation in the Underserved Track. We encourage all applicants to the Underserved Track to apply to our core program also. Through our core program, residents still have the opportunity to participate in the Area of Concentration in Care of the Underserved and gain experience caring for underserved populations in our UNC Family Medicine Center.

Click here to see a video about the Underserved Track.

Updated August 2016