Waldmann, Jonathan

Jon Waldmann, MD
University of Michigan

Hello! My name is Jon Waldmann and I was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. I found my way to UNC for undergrad and soon fell in love with this institution. I majored in biology and took a year off after graduating to become more involved with a summer educational non-profit for students in Durham Public Schools and later work as a nursing assistant at UNC hospitals. I went to the University of Michigan for medical school where I confirmed my interest in primary care.

I am incredibly excited to be continuing my training at UNC. When I came for my interview day I found exactly what I was looking for – a community of people who both supported each other and challenged one another. I am interested in working in underserved care I was encouraged to find a dedication to the care of the underserved throughout the program.

Outside of work I absolutely love cooking, reading, doing anything outside, looking at maps (seriously – I can’t explain it), and getting way too emotionally involved in UNC basketball.

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