UNC Family Medicine Sponsors Spring Health Care Symposium

The Faculty Development Fellowship class of 2014 sponsored a Health Care Symposium on Thursday, June 6 with an exciting look at new and innovative models of care! Two teams of fellows from around the country worked together over the last year to investigate two topics that directly impact the quality and cost of health care as well as patient satisfaction.

Two teams of faculty development fellows from around the country worked together over the past year to develop and implement their collaborative projects.

Quality Improvement Collaborative: Continuous care by a personal physician is a central tenet of the patient centered medical home. How continuity is understood and measured varies widely and it is a particular challenge in training practices where providers routinely change. The seven residency programs of the Collaborative to Improve Resident Continuity in University Settings (CIRCUS) developed a common measure of resident practice continuity and implemented elements of an agreed-upon change package with the aim of improving resident practice continuity over the course of a nine month collaborative period. Changes tested, successes and challenges, and implications for practice transformation will be presented.

Educational Research Collaborative: The Next Accreditation System instituted by the ACGME includes semi-annual resident evaluations with feedback using Milestones. Milestones are observable developmental benchmarks of skills, knowledge, and behaviors by which each resident will be evaluated at identified stages of training. The ACGME is observing how
programs develop and use tools to assess Milestone achievement while improving the efficiency and quality of the resident evaluation process. FieldNotes are forms to document feedback about direct observations of resident performance. The nine residency programs of the Hitting the MARC (Milestone Assessment of Resident
Competency) assessed whether the implementation of FieldNotes among core family medicine faculty assist faculty in consistently
assessing performance according to the Milestones in the outpatient setting, and result in overall improvement in resident satisfaction with feedback.!

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