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Becker-Dreps Receives R56 Award
Sylvia Becker-Dreps received an R56 award from the NIAID, titled, "Simple interventions to Improve Rotavirus Vaccine Effectiveness (SIRVE)", for $478,238.
Kistler Receives UCRF Award
Chrissy Kistler has received $125,000 over two years from the University Cancer Research Fund (UCRF) for her proposal, "Important Characteristics of Electronic Cigarette Use among Adult Smokers."
Newly Appointed Research Director
Katrina Donahue, MD, has recently accepted the leadership role of Research Director for the UNC Family Medicine Research Section. Congratulations, Katrina!
Viera Receives + 2 Million Dollar Grant
Anthony Viera, MD, along with his Co-Principal Investigator, Alice Ammerman, were recently awarded 2.3 million dollars by the NIH for their latest project, "Effects of Physical Activity Calorie Expenditure (PACE) Food Labeling."
Margaret Gourlay Receives Grant Funding for Osteoperosis
Margaret Gourlay, MD, received over $845,000 in funding from the National Institute on Aging for her latest project, "Secondary Analyses of Osteoporosis Screening in Older Men."
Goldstein & Ripley-Moffitt Receive UNC Family Medicine Small Grants Program Funding
Congratulations to Adam Goldstein, MD and Carol Ripley-Moffitt for obtaining funding from the UNC FM Small Grant Program.
Asher and Campo (Fellow) Receive Small Grants Funding Award
Gary Asher, MD, and Rebecca Campo, PhD, UNC Integrative Medicine Post-Doctoral Fellow were awarded funding by UNC Family Medicine's Small Grants Program.
Stafford and Porras Receive Small Grants Award
Harry Stafford, MD, and Lauren Porras, MD, UNC Sports Medicine Fellow, have been awarded funding by UNC Family Medicine's Small Grants Program.
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