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Sports helmet

The 2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey found that 15.1% of students reported having at least one concussion related to sports or physical activity, and 6.0% reported having two or more. Playing on more than one sports team was found to further increase the risk for concussion.



What We Treat

Sports-related Concussion

(We do not treat motor vehicle accident or worker’s compensation head injuries)


What We Offer

  • Comprehensive symptom, physical, vestibular, and ocular screens
  • Post-concussion exercise testing
  • Home Vestibular Rehab
  • Home Ocular Rehab
  • Return to Learning plan that we communicate with schools
  • Return to play decisions and communication with schools
  • Aggressive treatment plans
  • Athletic trainer outreach to schools
  • Neurocognitive Screening (computer testing)
  • Concussion prevention strategies