Either email the HWA to the core or enter it here with your UNC email and PI name. Your account will be billed for your access – ~$250/year. This is on a sliding scale, depending on how many registrations we are holding at UNC. We bill in Units of 3-months each, so one year will be 4-Units.

A registration key, to enter when you download the software, will be sent to you.

Download FlowJo (select 32 or 64-bit version) [PC: Computer > System properties]

After you install it, open FlowJo and a window will appear with your computer’s HWA and a window to add the Registration number.

Alternately, To find your hardware address in Windows:

  • Click on the Windows Start button
  • Click Run…
  • Type cmd and press OK
  • At the prompt, type ‘ipconfig /all’. Some information will scroll down and you will see a section titled ‘Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection’. In that section there will be a line labeled ‘Physical Address’. That is your hardware address.

To find your hardware address in OS X:

  • Go to System Preferences
  • Select Network and then Advanced (bottom right)
  • Select Ethernet and find Ethernet ID
  • For Wireless, start at your Airport icon or under system preferences, choose the Airport tab and find the Airport ID.


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