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Farm and Clinic Visits

The most frequent visits to farmworker camps in Benson occur from March to October, which is the height of the agricultural season in North Carolina, and when the need for volunteers is greatest! We organize occasional large group trips, but mostly encourage individuals or pairs to go with the team, as the learning experience can be even richer with immersion.

There are two regular opportunities for individuals to volunteer every Tuesday to Thursday night:

Mobile Clinic:

Tuesday nights, you can join a fun group of dedicated physicians from the Piedmont Health Center as they travel by bus to Benson, NC and provide medical care to local farm workers. Meet at the Piedmont Clinic in Carborro. Please email FSHA leaders for the sign-up sheet and for a brief orientation if you have never been out to the camps. You will be taking vital signs, participating in patient interviews, and assisting in giving healthcare education to migrant farmworkers. Tuesdays, 4:30-11 or 12 pm.

Benson Area Medical Center:

Thursday nights, join Dr. Eugene Maynard, Medical Director of the Benson Area Medical Center. He runs the late evening farmworker clinic on Thursday nights starting at 6 pm, sometimes not finishing until midnight. They very much appreciate Spanish translators as neither he nor his colleague Dr. Vicky Mooring are fluent in medical Spanish. This opportunity is for students who have a firm foundation in medical Spanish. Please check with FSHA leaders on how to sign up. Gas is reimbursed and dinner provided!

You do not need to be fluent in Spanish to come on group trips. All are welcome. And it is a great way to brush up on your Spanish skills!

For all opportunities, please bring a stethoscope and wear business casual or scrubs if you have them. (And bring your bug spray) !