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Gene Therapy Center (GTC) & UNC Vector Core

Education Mission – Degree related

GTC contributes to both degree and non-degree educational programs offered by UNC, including:

  • Training degree-seeking graduate (PhD) and (MD/PhD) (MD) students, over 22 in the past 5 years, and approximately 25 BBSP rotational students in the last 5 years. GTC also has had 15 fellowships in the last five years.
  • Education and training of undergraduate students involved in research projects, over 37 in the past 5 years.
  • Training of Education of undergraduate, graduates students and post-docs at the UNC Vector Core manufacturing facility. This is a state-of-the-art manufacturing site located between the UNC campus and Research Triangle Park.
  • The following are course work and training programs that GTC faculty have actively participated/co-taught to trainees in the past 5 years:
      • Pharmacology 221: Gene Therapy Medicine
      • Structured Laboratory Experience in Vector Production
      • Gene Therapy and Vector Development
      • FDA Regulation and GLP Procedures
      • Methods in Clinical Production
      • PHYI 703- Experimental physiology in human health and disease
      • MCR0630-Virology
      • MCR0711-Seminar/Tutorial in Virology
      • MICR641-Lecture Series in Microbial Pathogenesis
      • NBI00082-Lecture Series in Molecular Genetic Engineering
      • MOPH862-Lecture on Protein Structure, Stability and Denaturation
      • Lecture Series on Viral Vectors and Gene Therapy
      • Lecture Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Lecture Series
      • Lecture Maternal and Child Health Seminar Series
      • Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Review Series
  • The UNC Gene Therapy Center is committed to Community Outreach. The faculty, staff, graduate students, post-docs, fellows and undergraduate students participate in many outreach activities each year including visiting schools to talk about Gene Therapy and partnering with the NC Natural Science Museum in Biotechnology, Engineering, Science Technology Day and Health Days held each year.
  • UNC GTC also trains and exposes research to high school students, over 8 in the last five years, have worked in the lab mentored by graduate students and post-docs.