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Graduate Research Assistant

Research Interests

My research focus is to enhance Adeno-associated viral transduction in the retina following intravitreal delivery methods.


  • Ellen M Dawley, Shoji O Samson, Kenton T Woodard, Kathryn A Matthias. (2012) Spinal Cord Regeneration in a Tail Autotomizing Urodele. Journal of Morphology 273(2), 211-225.  PMID 21956379
  • Steven J Gray, Kenton T Woodard, R Jude Samulski. (2010) Viral Vectors and Delivery Strategies for CNS Gene Therapy. Therapeutic Delivery1(4), 517-534. PMID 22833965
  • Kamal E Gadalla, Mark Bailey, Rosemary Spike, Paul Ross, Kenton T Woodard, Sahana Nagabhushan Kalburgi, Lavanya Bachaboina, Jie Deng, Anne West, R Jude Samulski, Steven J Gray, Stuart Cobb. (2013) Improved Survival and Reduced Phenotypic Severity Following AAV9/MECP2 Gene Transfer to Neonatal and Juvenile Male Mecp2 Knockout Mice. Molecular Therapy 21(1), 18-30. PMID 23011033
Kenton Woodard
  • UNC Gene Therapy Center