Developing resources and services that investigators can use to facilitate and speed the regulatory approval processes at both the Federal and Local levels. These include; 1) Guidance documents and submission templates for the various types of regulatory submissions, 2) Integrating the activities of the Clinical Core with Federal and local regulatory groups in order to establish effective means of communication, 3) Annual Clinical Core reports to regulatory groups that investigators an reference in their own submissions (FDA Drug Master Files, IRB/IBC reports) and 4) Quality Control/Quality Assurance consulting services for clinical investigators who will use UNC Clinical Core products for further manufacturing.

Gene Therapy Associations

American Association for the Advancement of Science
American Society of Gene Therapy | ASGT
European Society of Gene Therapy
Finnish Gene Therapy Society
The Japan Society of Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Centers

Baylor College of Medicine
Center for Gene Therapeutics – McMaster University
Louisiana State University Medical College Gene Therapy Program
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Institute for Gene Therapy and Molecular Medicine
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Cell and Gene Therapy Center
The Gene Therapy Center at the University of Alabama – Birmingham
Tulane Center for Gene Therapy
University of Florida Gene Therapy Center
University of Iowa Center for Gene Therapy
University of Michigan Center for Gene Therapy
University of Pennsylvania Institute for Human Gene Therapy


Blood Journal of Virology
Cancer Molecular Biology of the Cell
Cancer Letters Nature
Cancer Research Nature Biotechnology
Cell Nature Cell Biology
Current Biology Nature Genetics
Current Opinion in Cell Biology Nature Immunology
Current Opinion in Pharmacology Nature Medicine
EMBO Journal Nature Neuroscience
Gene Therapy The Journal of Cell Biology
Genes & Development The Journal of Neuroscience
Haemophilia Trends in Genetics
Human Gene Therapy Trends in Immunology
Journal of Biological Chemistry Trends in Microbiology
Journal of Gene Medicine Trends in Neurosciences
Journal of General Virology Trends in Pharmacological Sciences
Journal of Molecular Biology Virology