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In-Stock AAV Vectors – Dr. Ian Wickersham, 100ul Aliquots

We are pleased to stock monosynaptic tracing constructs from Dr. Ian Wickersham at MIT. The following constructs are available in AAV1. For other serotypes, please place an order for a custom prep. No MTA is required unless you are a commercial entity. For additional information on these vectors, please see Kohara et al Nat Neurosci 2014 Feb;17(2):269-79.

Monosynaptic Tracing

  • AAV-synP-DIO-sTpE (Addgene 52474)
  • AAV-synP-DIO-sTpEpB (Addgene 52473)
  • AAV-TRetight-BPB19G
  • AAV-Syn-Flex-STPEPtTA

In Stock AAV Price per 100ul

  • External Academic: $220
  • UNC Investigator: $150
  • Corporate: $340