Alicia Brandt

Alicia Brandt, M.S.

Contact information:

Alicia earned her BS in Biology and minor in Chemistry from UNC-Chapel Hill and her MS in Aquatic Bioscience from the University of Tokyo, where she investigated juvenile sea urchin ecology. Alicia’s been a lab technician in a few different labs at UNC and involved in a wide range of research, including plant molecular biology, marine biology and ecology, evolutionary genetics, and next-generation sequencing before joining the Berg Lab. As lab manager of the Berg Lab, she is involved in the NCGENES and NCNEXUS projects with next-generation whole exome sequencing.

Outside of the lab, she still can’t get enough of the water and enjoys SCUBA diving and swimming. She also loves animals, cooking, gardening, traveling, and billiards. On her next adventure in Alaska, she hopes to catch a glimpse of the auroras.