Langston Harrison, M.S.

Contact information:

Langston earned his B.S. in Biology in 2014 and his M.S. in Biological & Biomedical Sciences in 2018 from North Carolina Central University. As an undergraduate Langston participated in the SPIRE Program at UNC Chapel Hill where he conducted an independent research project studying the effects of diet on the pharmacokinetics and alcohol-induced behavior in mice. During his Master’s program, Langston was involved in analyzing the responses of undergraduate students enrolled in a research-intensive Molecular Biology course to determine how the students felt about their laboratory techniques, communication skills and self confidence. As a research technician in the Berg Lab, Langston is currently working on the NCGENES2 project.


Outside of the lab, Langston enjoys learning different languages. He is very proud of his ability to speak Spanish and Dutch and is currently improving his Japanese. He hopes to one day reach fluency in these languages and learn more.