The Undergraduate Annotation Pipeline

The Clinical Genome Resource is an NIH-funded effort dedicated to creating a publicly available resource that defines the clinical relevance of genes and variants for use in precision medicine and research. In order to achieve this goal, curators collect and assess information from published literature and databases. Undergraduate students in UNC’s ClinGen Biocuration Core play a key role in this process. The Biocuration Core has developed a standardized procedure for annotating published articles using an online tool called, and has created a tiered system of annotation for undergraduates, based on their level of experience. The user highlights a snippet of text in a scientific/medical article and then fills out a template with information from the article such as the clinical symptoms of a patient, the genetic variant, segregation of genetic variants with a disease within a family, and any experimental details. Comprehensive training materials are available and undergraduate students work closely with our biocurators who are available to discuss any questions. Students also have the opportunity to attend weekly biocurator and lab meetings, if their schedule allows. Undergraduates may volunteer their time, or can be part of the work-study program.

Any students who are interested in literature annotation for ClinGen curation should contact Courtney Thaxton, PhD at or Jenny Goldstein, PhD, CGC at