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UNC Department of Genetics LogoThe Department of Genetics is pleased to announce the membership of the Department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

The DEI committee is led by DEI Genetics Department Liaison, Dr. Adriana Beltran, and DEI GMB & BCB Curricula Liaison John Cornett. The mission of the DEI Committee is to “Serve in an advisory capacity to the Genetics Leadership relative to monitoring and implementing DEI initiatives that recognize, engage, benefit, increase the sense of belonging, and create a stronger, diverse, and more inclusive community.”


The DEI Committee is composed of faculty, staff, postdocs, and students who have committed to serve in this capacity for 2 years. The committee will include working groups focused on:

  1. Education and training:Develop guidelines, organize seminars and training related to on issues related to diversity and inclusion.
  2. Communications and outreach:Publicize activities, initiatives, and events, as well as promote participation and engagement of our community.
  3. Recruitment, retention, and support:Share the Departmental efforts to promote diversity and inclusion with prospective faculty and trainee candidates.
  4. Metrics and reporting:Apply the DEI climate surveys, evaluate the success of initiatives and efforts, and report back to our faculty, postdocs, students, and staff.


Department of Genetics Committee for 2022 – 2024

Department Liaisons:

Adriana Beltran, PhD, Research Associate Professor of Genetics, Director of HPCC Facility

John Cornett, BA, Student Services Manager for GMB & BCB Curricula


Faculty Members:

Jonathan Berg, MD, PhD, Bryson Distinguished Professor of Genetics, Medicine

Kimberly Foss, MS, CGC, Clinical Assistant Professor of Genetics, Genetic Counselor

Bev Koller, PhD, Associate Professor of Genetics, Medicine (former Department DEI Liaison)

Ichiro Misumi, PhD, Research Assistant Professor of Genetics


Staff Members:

Grace Byfield, PhD, Research Associate

Ariana Marquez, BS, Research Associate


Postdoc Members:

Ashlyn Buzzelli, PhD, Postdoc in the lab of Jason Whitmire

Gautam Kumar Pandey, PhD, Postdoc in the lab of Karen Mohlke


Graduate Student Members:

Micah Hysong, BS, 1st Year BBSP Graduate Student

Fred Koitz, BS, 2nd year GMB Student in the lab of Kacy Gordon

John Patrick (JP) Flores, BS, 2nd Year BCB Student in the lab of Doug Phanstiel

Noor Singh, BS, 3rd year GMB Student in the lab of Kacy Gordon