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Hao Guo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Genetics

Research Interests

Keywords: Gut Microbiome, Radiation Induced Damage, Inflammation, Immunology, Cancer Research

Dr. Guo earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Shandong University, (Jinan, China) in 2009 followed by a PhD in Cell Biology from Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Science (Beijing, China) in 2015. Dr. Guo joined the laboratory of Dr. Jenny Ting as a postdoctoral research associate in 2016 and has been appointed as assistant professor since January 2021.

Dr. Guo has broad interest in the application of cutting-edge ideas and technology to the study of microbiome-host interactions. Major directions include the function of gut microbiome in radiation induced diseases, inflammation, virus infection, cancer therapy. Clinical issues of interest include radiation induced diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases, obesity, GvHD, infection and inflammation. Dr. Guo recently published a paper in Science as first author, showing that mice exposed to potentially lethal levels of total body radiation were protected from radiation damage if they had specific types of bacteria in their gut. Radiation absorbed in a clinical setting or during an accidental exposure can cause damage to tissues. In this study, the bacteria mitigated radiation exposure and enhanced the recovery of blood cell production as well as repair of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

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Hao Guo