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The UNC Cancer Genetics team evaluates adult and pediatric patients with a suspected hereditary predisposition to cancer.

To refer a patient for evaluation:

  • Please enter an ambulatory referral to Adult and Cancer Genetics in Epic.
  • Please include the reason for the evaluation in the “comments” section.
  • If your patient has relevant medical records that are not in Epic, please fax a copy of these records to 919-966-4151.
To refer a patient for evaluation:

  • Please complete this form and fax it to 919-966-4151.

If your patient has a personal history of cancer and was diagnosed or treated outside of the UNC system:

  • Please provide us with relevant clinic notes and pathology reports.
  • Please also provide us with a copy of any previous genetic test results.
Your patient will be best served if we are able to review their relevant medical records prior to their appointment. In general, the following records are helpful, if available:

  • Pathology report(s) documenting type of cancer(s) in the patient or in relatives
  • Colonoscopy pathology report(s) for the patient, or for relatives who have had >10 polyps or rare polyps (such as juvenile polyps)
  • Genetic counseling and/or genetic test report for any relative