Primary Faculty

Shawn Ahmed, PhD

Germ cell immortality, telomeres and telomerase
Office: 216 Fordham Hall
Phone: 919-843-4780

Jonathan S. Berg, MD, PhD

Medical genetics, clinical cancer genetics, personalized medicine
Office: 5092 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-966-7043

Scott Bultman, PhD

Mouse models of human disease, chromatin-modifying factors, epigenetic
Office: 5060 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-966-3359

Jim Evans, MD, PhD

Medical genetics, clinical cancer genetics, pharmacogenomics
Office: 5095 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-843-1517

Hector L. Franco, PhD

Chromatin biology, RNA biology, transcription, enhancers, genomics, pioneer transcription factors
Office: 5109 Marsico Hall
Lab: 5118 Marsico Hall
Phone: 919-966-5269


Terry Furey, PhD

Chromatin and gene regulation, complex traits, inflammatory bowel disease, toxicogenomics, computational biology, high-throughput sequencing
Office: 5022 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-966-7033

Mark Heise, PHD

Viral pathogenesis, virus-host interactions, genetics of virulence, vaccine development
Office: 9039 Burnette Womack Bldg
Phone: 919-843-1492

Folami Ideraabdullah, PhD

Gene-environment interactions, epigenetic reprogramming, genomic imprinting, germ cell and early embryonic development, methyl donor nutrients
Office: 5077 Genetic Medicine Bldg

Phone: 919-445-9047

Samir Kelada, PhD, MPH

Gene-environment interactions in asthma, systems genetics, regulation of gene expression
Office: 5072 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-962-2148

Beverly H. Koller, PhD

Mouse models for human diseases, genes that modify disease progression
Office: 5073 Genetic Medicine Bldg
Phone: 919-966-0508