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Research Assistant Professor, Department of Genetics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Contact Information

Education & Training

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (Patrick F. Sullivan, M.D.), Department of Genetics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology (Li-Huei Tsai, Ph.D.), Harvard University
  • B.S. Biology, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras


Dr. Paola Giusti-Rodríguez is currently Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Genetics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Giusti-Rodríguez grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where she earned a BS in biology at the University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras. In April 2011, Dr. Giusti-Rodríguez completed her PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology at Harvard University, where her doctorate research focused on studying the molecular basis of neurodegeneration. Dr. Giusti-Rodríguez joined Dr. Sullivan’s laboratory in 2012 as a Postdoctoral Research Associate.

Dr. Giusti-Rodríguez is applying functional genomics and genetics approaches to gain mechanistic insight onto schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders. For this work, she was recently awarded a K01 Mentored Research Scientist Development Award by the National Institute of Mental Health. As a member of the Center for Integrated Systems Genomics at UNC (CISGen), Dr. Giusti-Rodríguez has been employing the genetically diverse Collaborative Cross recombinant inbred inter-cross (RIX) mice in order to better understand antipsychotic side effects, by integrating mouse behavior, genotype information, and gene expression data from RNA-sequencing.