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Research Technician


Phone: (919) 966 7548


“Tar Heel Born, Tar Heel Bred, and when she dies, a Tar Heel Dead!”


Shadia, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 2018. As an Undergraduate Research Assistant, under the guidance of Research Assistant Professor Dr. Paola Giusti-Rodríguez, she assisted with a high-throughput reporter assay called STARR-SEQ (Self-Transcribing Active Regulatory Region Sequencing) to determine the molecular basis of schizophrenia among the millions of regulatory elements in the human genome and answer the tough question of whether functional noncoding elements alter the regulation of gene expression. Following graduation, Shadia remained a member of the Sullivan Lab and transitioned into the role of Research Technician. She is currently assisting in the troubleshooting and implementation of Hi-C and PLAC-seq techniques to gain a better understanding of the remarkable chromatin interactions that classify schizophrenia.