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HTSF is open for all Business!

We have, however, modified the way we work over the last months and this will continue in light of social distancing rules:

  1. We will be electronically accepting samples as in the past.
  2. We have a secure contactless dropped off. Sample Drop Off is required during a prescheduled 30m window rather than when you are ready.
  3. This may delay drop off for 24hrs if we are booked on a given day. After a submission is accepted, we will confirm day/ time with you.
  4. We ask that you stick to this window to prevent overlap with other studies and to maintain SOM social distancing requirements.
  5. You will need to enter the double glass doors closest to HTSF rm. 1153. This is the stipulated “IN” door for the building.
  6. As previously, please confirm your quote and print out a confirmed manifest to bring with your samples.

The HTSF directors and managers will continue to be here to answer questions/concerns, have conference calls and zoom meetings.
Samples will be processed on first come, first serve basis. We expect a queue to form for some services. Please contact customer service with concerns about timelines. HTSF cannot guarantee turn around at this point. We are currently working at approx. 70% of overall production from prior to COVID. The staff are working as quickly as they can and are 100% busy when they are present. HTSF staff numbers are limited as all labs are open in GSB. We regret the delays and inconvenience this exceptional circumstance has caused.
We know that everyone is anxious to get back to the bench and start generating more data. Please be assured that we are working quickly as we can under the current restrictions. As restrictions are modified, our production levels will follow suit.

Thank you for working with us in this ever changing situation
The HTSF Staff