Sample Submission Guide
A quick guide to navigating the forms for submitting RNA and DNA samples, libraries, and study-created pools to the HTSF

Shipping and Packing Instructions
Information on shipping and packing samples to HTSF


Illumina Project Initiation Request Form:
This form is the first step for anyone planning to utilize Illumina technology. It provides information about the samples
being submitted for sequencing and analysis, as well as the larger context of the study.
Please return the completed form to  to set up a study.

Illumina Sample Preparation Guide
This is a quick guide to properly preparing RNA and DNA samples, libraries, and study-created pools for submission.

Illumina TracSeq Instructions
Introduction to working with TracSeq, steps for submitting samples, and TracSeq site features.

Illumina Manifest Preparation Instructions
Key points for filling out a manifest necessary for sample submission.

Illumina Sample Drop-Off Form & Checklist
Summary checklist for submitting and dropping off samples at the HTSF.

FAST-SEQ Release Form
FAST-SEQ sample expectations and release form.

Illumina Barcode List

Submitting Barcodes to HTSF

Custom Primer Preparation Guide


PacBio Submission Information
Instructions for preparing samples for projects using PacBio technology

PacBio Sample Submission Sheet
Instructions for preparing samples for projects using PacBio technology


Ion Proton Sample Submission Sheet
Downloadable form for projects using Ion Proton technology