How To Set Up Exchange (Email) on a Mobile Phone

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iPhone Setup for Campus Exchange Email

Before configuring UNC’s Exchange email on your smartphone, please configure a passcode and enable encryption in order to comply with campus security policy. The action of setting a passcode enables data encryption on the device and protects your information should the phone fall into malicious hands.

To set a passcode on the iphone, go to Settings/General/Passcode Lock menu and follow the prompts.
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars


3. Tap Add Account
4. Select Exchange


5. Enter as shown, except type your email in place of "Username". You can put whatever you want in the "Description" field . Next.
6. More setting will pop up. Enter as shown. Save.


5. Choose what you want to sync with the Exchange account you're adding (to receive email you only need "Mail" checked). Save.
6. If everything was entered correctly then all you have to do is open the "Mail" app to view your email!


Android Device Setup for Campus Exchange Email

You can download these instructions here

Before configuring UNC’s Exchange email on your smartphone, please configure a passcode and enable encryption in order to comply with campus security policy.

To enable encryption on your Android device, navigate to: Settings/ More/ Security/ Encrypt device, and follow the directions from there. Note that the phone must be PASSWORD protected in order to be encrypted, which disallows the use of other lock screen options (PIN, facial recognition, etc.).

* Encryption can take up to an hour, so only attempt this step if you have at least 80% battery power, or your phone is plugged in to a power source. Interrupting encryption due to battery rundown could lead to loss or corruption of data on your device. *

Once encryption is complete, navigate to: Settings/ My device/ Screen Lock/ Lock Automatically and select "Immediately".

1. Tap the Apps icon to access a list of your installed applications, or tap the Email app (not to be confused with the Gmail app) if it is already on your home screen.
2. Find the Email app and a tap it. If this is the first email account you are setting up on your device, skip to step 5.


3. Tap the Menu button, and then select Settings.
4. Tap the "Add account" option.


5. Tap the "Others" option.
6. Enter your account and password information and tap next. Email account should be entered as:


7. Tap the "Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync" option.
8. It may take a few moments for your device to communicate with the server.


9. You should get the message "Server must be able to remotely control some security features on your device. Continue?" Tap OK.
10. Next you will see a list of the security features that the UNC email server will have access to. You will have to activate administrator in order to complete set up.


11. Select the desired syncing and notification options and tap next.
12. If desired, you can assign a display name to this account and then tap next which will complete the setup.