160 Rives-Stoppa ventral hernia repairs at UNC!

We have just completed 160 repairs of ventral hernias with large mesh implants in the sublay position, also known as “Rives-Stoppa” operation. These are extensive procedures, used often after failures of previous hernia repairs or as primary repairs. Patients for this operation often present with recurrence of hernia, extensive scarring and adhesions after wound infections and after previous abdominal surgery.

This operation is most useful if a complete restoration and realignment of the abdominal wall muscles is desired or needed. The necessary extensive dissection of the abdominal wall and the mesh fixation is done in a tissue plane without large blood vessels but with healthy muscle layers covering the implanted permanent synthetic hernia mesh on both sides. The mesh does not come in contact with the intestines. The procedure aims at permanent hernia repair. Indeed, our recurrence rate has been low, about 5%. Of note is the absence of mesh infection in our series!

This procedure complements other standard repair techniques offered in our Hernia Center, such as laparoscopic hernia repairs and tissue repair with component separation.

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