Before Graduation

Regalia And Ticket Pick-Up

When: Friday, May 3rd
Time: 9am – 12 noon
Location: Bondurant Hall, Room G10

Items To Return

Please turn in the follow items to the Office of Student Affairs (1001 Bondurant Hall) any time during office hours (Monday-Friday 8am-5pm) by Friday, May 10th. You may also drop these items off when you pick up your regalia/tickets.

  2. MAILBOX KEYS; relevant if you matriculated prior to 2013.
  4. LOCKERS; Please remove all possessions and leave the lock.

NOTE: Any UNPAID processing or replacement fee assessed by not returning any of the above items will automatically result in a HOLD being placed on your account. This means we will not be able to process requests for transcripts, diplomas, residency on-boarding paperwork, verification of graduation, or enrollment if this happens.

Extra Graduation Tickets

Please return any unused graduation tickets to the Office of Student Affairs.

Graduation Rehearsal

Rehearsal is MANDATORY. If you cannot attend, please contact Kelly Ogden (*

Arrival Time

At Memorial Hall (114 E. Cameron Ave.) on Friday, May 10th at 10:15am.

Class Picture

The class picture will be taken at 10:30am, immediately before we practice the procession into the venue. We will begin rehearsal at 11:00am. Rehearsal will last until 1:00pm.


Wear school colors or neutral colors for the picture.


The Line Marshals will be holding up signs for the row that you will be in. The rows are labeled A-N (Note: there is no Row I). Please line up alphabetically.

Ceremony Rehearsal

*Please pay attention to how your name is pronounced. Contact Maureen Rosen ( for any changes.
If one of your classmates is not at rehearsal and is seated in your row, please leave that seat vacant. Your marshal will tell you what to do.

We will do a complete walk through of the ceremony, including the Hippocratic Oath. Additional presentations from:

  • Dan Hill: Disability Insurance Policy Explanation
  • Student awards will be presented at rehearsal as part of the walk-through process.

Graduation Day

Saturday, May 11th, 2019 at 10:00 AM
114 East Cameron Avenue
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

*Memorial Hall tickets are GENERAL ADMISSION*


9:00am at Memorial Hall

What To Do Next

Find your marshal!


Don’t forget to bring your regalia! *No jewelry/accessories/flare should be showing outside of your regalia*

  • Gown
  • Tam (puffy hat)
  • Tassel
  • Hood
  • Honor Cord (If applicable)

Commencement Speaker

We are fortunate to have Dr. Ed Kernick join us to deliver our Commencement Address, as voted on by class members.


DON’T FORGET! Please help yourself to light refreshments provided by the Office of Medical Alumni Affairs outside of Memorial Hall after the ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I walk across the stage with my child/significant other?

No. We have limited time in Memorial Hall and want to be sure that all students have their moment to shine in a timely fashion.

Can I request someone to hood me on stage?

No. We have 3 designated hooders on stage.

Can I take pictures during the commencement ceremony?

No. Please communicate this to your guests attending graduation and keep your phone hidden and silenced.

When can my guests begin to arrive?

The Lobby of Memorial Hall will be open at 9:00am. The main doors (for seating) of Memorial Hall will be open at 9:30am. The ceremony will promptly begin at 10:00am.
Memorial Hall is general admission, so beginning at 9:30am, seating is first come, first serve. Other than a designated area for wheelchair accessibility, there will be no reserved seats.

Where is overflow seating?

Overflow seating is located next door to Memorial Hall in Gerrard Hall. This location provides ample seating, refreshments and live streaming: viewers there will see the entire event in real time, and you may invite your additional guests to view the proceedings there.

Where can my guests park?

There is no parking at Memorial Hall. If you have a guest in a wheelchair or who has difficulty walking, please drop them off in front of Memorial Hall, accompanied if necessary

Other questions?

Email Aisha Amuda and Katie Davis, your friendly neighborhood MS4 Co-Presidents (

On-Campus parking

The Cobb Deck | 10-min walk to MH
Entrances located on Country Club Drive between South Road and Raleigh Street and on Raleigh Street between Country Club Drive and South Road: available for on-campus parking after 5 PM on weekdays. There is no charge to park there, but spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

The UNC Visitor’s Lot | 20-min walk to MH
Located at the corner of South Road/Hwy 54 and Country Club Drive, beside Carolina Friends Chapel Hill. This lot is open to the public after 5 PM and on weekends on a first-come, first-served basis.

The Venable Lot | 6-min walk to MH
Located at the corner of South Road and South Columbia Street

In-Town Parking

There are more than 850 off-street parking spaces within the Town of Chapel Hill downtown area. The cost for these lots varies by location. More information can be found on the Town of Chapel Hill website.

Wallace Deck (150 E. Rosemary Street)
9-min walk to Memorial Hall

Rosemary/Columbia Lot (100 E. Rosemary Street)
10-min walk to MH

West Franklin Lot (415 W. Franklin St.)
17-min walk to MH

West Rosemary Lot (104 W. Rosemary St.)
12-min walk to MH

Rosemary/Church St Lot (Entrances at 108 Church St. and 141 W. Rosemary St.)
15-min walk to MH

127 West Rosemary Lot (127 W. Rosemary St.)
12-min walk to MH

West Franklin/Basnight Lot (113 N. Basnight Lane)
16-min walk to MH

For a map of these lots in relation to Memorial Hall, please click here.

AFTER Graduation FAQ’s

Residency Paperwork

All residency paperwork needing to be completed after Capstone has been processed. All residency paperwork needing to be processed after graduation will be done within 2 weeks.


If you matriculated into the School of Medicine prior to Fall 2014, your transcript will come from the UNC School of Medicine. If a final transcript is needed, please submit a consent form with a $7 payment. (Consent Form Location:

*Note: After May 12, 2019, you are considered an alumni and will need to pay for any transcripts from here on out.

If you matriculated into the School of Medicine after Fall 2014, your transcript will be processed through a vendor that UNC’s Main Campus Registrar’s Office uses. Please follow this link to order a transcript:


If you have a hold on your account, we will not be able to process your residency paperwork, final transcript or any additional documents until the hold has been rectified.


You can pick up your diplomas on Sunday, May 12th in the Registrar’s Office (SASB/North, 3rd Floor) between 11:30am – 1:00pm. The Chancellor has to award all diplomas for the main campus ceremony on Sunday morning before they can be released.

If you do not pick up your diploma by June 1, 2019, it will be mailed to the permanent address that is listed in ConnectCarolina.


Other questions? (2019 information will be updated when it becomes available)

Email Aisha Amuda and Katie Davis, your friendly neighborhood MS4 Co-Presidents (

[ ] Pay Senior Fees. Money is used for end of year activities from which we all benefit, as well as the class gift. Pay here: 

[ ] Request tickets for commencement. Information on how to do so will be sent out in early March.

[ ] Pearls Day. March 14, 2019. As part of your Capstone month, we will be inviting nominated faculty and residents to impart their wisdom in “5-minute advice” format.

[ ] Match Day! March 15, 2019. See the Match Day tab for more details. Live stream will be available, link to follow.

[ ] Purchase Regalia. 2019 information will available soon! Deadline March 26! Regalia can only be ordered from this link: If you are acquiring regalia from a prior student, note that you still need to purchase a tam (“puffy hat”) and a 2018 tassel – both can be found on the same link above. See email from Emily Cooper and email for any question.

[ ] Graduation Gala. March 23, 2019. Ackland Art Museum from 7pm – 9pm. Email with more information and RSVP link coming soon.

[ ] Skit Night. March 30, 2019. Carrboro Arts Center. Please see the “Skit Night” page for details. Email Angela Ning ( for questions.

[ ] Pick up Regalia. May 3, 2019 from 9am – 12pm. Pick up your regalia from the Bondurant G10. If you will not be able to present for pick up, please arrange for someone to collect your regalia on that day. Please notify Kelly Ogden ( if you will be sending someone in your place.

[ ] Graduation Rehearsal. Mandatory attendance! Friday, May 10 at Memorial Hall. Time 11am – 1pm. Please arrive at 10:15am for the class photo.

[ ] Graduation Family Picnic. Friday, May 10, 1-5pm, Southern Community Park in Southern Village (1000 Sumac Rd). This will be catered by Gillis’s BBQ. RSVP information to come.

[ ] Graduation. Saturday, May 11, 10am – 12pm. Memorial Hall. Students please arrive at 9:00am

[x] Apply to graduate. Go to your UNC Campus Portal and log in. In the “ConnectCarolina Student Center”, click on the My Academics link, then choose the Apply for Graduation link. Complications of failing to apply to graduate by February 15, 2019 may include inability to graduate in 2019.

[x] Check the name on your diploma. While you’re in ConnectCarolina, check the name UNC has on record for you, which you can access from My Academics > View Graduation Status. THIS IS THE NAME THAT WILL APPEAR ON YOUR DIPLOMA. If you wish to change it, then you need to visit main campus Registrar (3rd floor SASB North) with a picture ID or contact University Registrar Records at and follow their guidance. Bring confirmation of name change to 1001 Bondurant Hall. Diplomas will be printed in February and will reflect the name in the system at that time. A diploma will have to be re-ordered at the cost of $25 if your name changes after the deadline and you desire the change to be reflected on your diploma.

[x] Vote for Commencement Speaker and faculty awards. Thank you for your votes!

[X] Personalized Slide for Match. Deadline Friday, February 22, 2019. See Sara Tinkham’s email for details. Save the file as “LastName_FirstName_MATCH2019.pptx” and send to