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Blind spot display case.
Blind spot display case in Bondurant Hall.

The Department of Health Sciences, alongside the University’s Office for Diversity and Inclusion and the Graduate School, is committed to recruiting and supporting a diverse student and faculty population and to fostering an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for all. This commitment is founded on the beliefs that:

  • The best solutions to health problems will be generated by the teamwork and collaboration of people who come from diverse backgrounds and different perspectives, and;
  • Diverse populations of clients/patients will be served best when there is diversity amongst the health care providers.

We also believe that working to recruit and sustain diverse student and faculty populations is not enough – we also must work to assure that all students and faculty, regardless of background or identity, feel welcome, included, and heard.

Our commitment and beliefs provide a foundation for staying open to diverse perspectives and new ideas, for learning when we need to learn, and for the actions that we take.