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  • Encourage diversity and inclusion at all times, in some way.Do
  • Seek or deepen relationships with people different from you (race, age, background, political leaning).  
  • Regularly volunteer for career days at elementary, middle and high schools with the students we need in our professions (your professional association likely has some resources/materials).  
  • Employ VEN [Visualize, Examine and Normalize] to mitigate implicit bias:  
    • Visualize – if something automatically pops up, imagine a different option (ex: imagining a ‘pilot’ gives you a tall, white male, mentally replace with short, Native American person)   
    • Examine – Self-examination with candor  
    • Normailze – make diversity the norm in your life, challenge what you consider ‘normal’, surround yourself with people who do not look like you


Suggestions to Dismantle Discriminatory Systems:

  • Set intentional goalscreate a culture for candid discussion/feedback/ideas. fist breaking wall
  • Starting place: the heart, the head, the hands. 
    • Heart – safe space to share how they feel and WHY they feel that way. 
      • Everyone may not agree, but hear and endeavor to understand.
      • Develop connection- meaningfully connect, if not possible…empathize, if not possible…understand, if not possible, sympathize…if not possible, appreciate 
    • Head – collaborate on ideas, strategies, options for actions. 
    • Hands – develop action steps for accountability, what we can do 
  • Get data, accept it, address it 
  • Ensure collaboration and collective ownership 
  • Be explicit about the why (to sustain), consider a vision statement to revisit regularly 
  • Leverage the camaraderie of inclusion vs. fighting bias  
  • Involve students, many perspectives 
  • Regular Review:
    • Admissions
    • Curricula
    • Policies
    • Programs 
  • Practice re-framing questions 
  • Practice de-escalating without backing down 
  • Moving from examination (window) to self-reflection (mirror) 
  • Take responsibility as an entity and individual 

Suggestions for Cultural Humility

Self-talk: Set or reset yourself

Check mark in a box

  • I can be uncomfortable to make all students/colleagues/people we serve and EVERYONE comfortable.
  • I want to be inclusive and have much to learn. 
  • Correction and error will help me get to my goal of inclusivity. 
  • This is not about me and my intent. 
  • Am I in a learning posture? Or defending something (what?)?