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About the Program

The Molecular Diagnostic Science track in the Master’s of Clinical Laboratory Science degree (MDS program) provided professional education and training at the graduate level for laboratory scientists in the area of molecular diagnosis for acquired, inherited, and infectious diseases. The MDS program prepared professionals who were competent to perform and interpret molecular-based laboratory tests, explain the appropriate use and meaning of molecular-based tests to other health care professionals, and establish and validate new molecular methods in a clinical laboratory. Graduates were qualified to take the national certification examination in molecular biology from the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

The MDS program began in 2008 as North Carolina’s first master’s degree in molecular diagnostics, and was discontinued in 2022.  At the time the program began molecular testing was relatively new and not addressed in undergraduate clinical laboratory science curricula.  Over time, molecular diagnostics has become a part of almost every area of the clinical laboratory and this content is now covered in the undergraduate curriculum.

The MDS program consisted of online courses, an on-campus laboratory course, and a structured practical experience in a molecular diagnostics laboratory, during which students completed a capstone-style project.

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