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Over the academic year 2022-23, UNC MSOT students conducted qualitative descriptive research exploring the experiences of OTs who identify as Latinx, LGBTQIA+, or having a disability as they came to learn about, choose, and pursue a career in OT. The results of that work disseminated as poster presentations. These studies were modeled after a similar, larger study of the experiences of Black female OTs, conducted in 2020-21 (Wakeford, Johnson, Peak, & Caldwell, in preparation). Note: While these studies focused on registered OTs (OTRs), there is a need for a similar examination of the experiences of Certified OT Assistants (COTAs).

Poster about OTs with disabilities Poster about Latinx/Hispanic OTs
Poster about OTs who are LGBTQIA+


To view the larger version of a poster, just click on the poster.

To watch the video of the poster presentations, please click here. All 3 posters are presented within this one video, in order of OTs identifying as: 1) Latinx/Hispanic, 2) LGBTQIA+, and 3) having a disability. The order of presentations was selected randomly.

If you would like more information about these studies, please email and put “Career Path Studies” in the subject line.