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Katherine McLean, Cumberland County SchoolsKatherine McLean -Fieldwork program coordinator for the OT department in Cumberland County Schools. Fieldwork experiences are critical for students and the profession of Occupational Therapy. Our department is dedicated to providing OT students from across the state and nation with quality learning opportunities. Katherine works diligently each year with academic FW coordinators and our staff practitioners to coordinate FW opportunities. She completed the national Fieldwork Educators Certification program offered by AOTA. Through her role as fieldwork coordinator she ensures that our therapists are confident in their ability provide high-quality educational opportunities for students who come to Cumberland County Schools for fieldwork experiences. Katherine mentors therapists interested in serving as FW supervisors and provides ongoing support to staff and students throughout the experience. Many thanks to Katherine and our supervising therapist for all that you do to make great FW opportunities available for our future practitioners!

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