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We presently have interdisciplinary training grants available to both master’s and doctoral students in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Occupational Science, and Special Education.

Master’s Training Grant: Graduates will receive their master’s degrees in Speech and Hearing Sciences or Occupational Therapy and as a result of this unique personnel program, will have additional knowledge and skills related to evaluating, implementing, and disseminating evidence-based practices in autism within an interdisciplinary framework. The program of study consists of a unique set of interdisciplinary evidence-based courses, specialized interdisciplinary practica, research and service learning opportunities, and professional development activities targeting specific competencies related to the area of childhood autism. Infused throughout all project activities are strategies to raise awareness, understanding, and competency in working with diverse learners and their families.

Doctoral Training Grant: The focus of the program is to prepare students to assume leadership positions in institutions of higher education and to guide research, practice, and policy regarding evidence-based outcomes for children and youth with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

For more information, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Crais at 919-966-9458 or