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Undergraduate school:

University of Virginia, BSEd; Georgia State University, BSPT

Graduate school:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, TDPT

Professional interest:

Sports rehab; pediatric/adolescent ortho/sports rehab; injury prevention; biomechanics; knee, hip, foot/ankle, shoulder in particular.

Why I serve as a mentor:

I really love teaching and learning from students and residents. I enjoy bantering ideas and different approaches toward achieving common goals with/for our patients. I also like being challenged by constantly asking myself why I do what I do or take the approaches I take, and if I am teaching, I have to be able to articulate why clearly. I think I prefer residents because they probably benefit more from the learning opportunities that much of my specialty/niche case load provides. When I work with entry level students, they are generally not as prepared for that in-depth, beyond entry level of observation, assessment, and intervention that much of my caseload is expecting or needing.

Catherine Duncan, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC