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Undergraduate School

University of North Carolina School of the Arts

Graduate School

Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis

Professional Interest

I love working with the stroke population. I’m really excited to gain exposure to a wide range of neurologic diagnoses during my residency! I have a feeling that as I gain more experience with other diagnoses my interests may shift.

Why I chose to do a residency/fellowship program at UNC

I chose to do a residency at UNC for the additional hours of mentorship. I was also looking for a program where I could gain a lot of experience working in inpatient rehab; I was so excited to get accepted with an inpatient focus. Additionally, when going through the interview process the faculty members I interacted with at UNC were very approachable and willing to answer all my questions. That was a quality that was really important to me.

What I like about Chapel Hill, NC

I love being surrounded by so much greenery! And the people here are so nice.