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[This residency program] has improved my knowledge, skills, and clinical reasoning when it comes to evaluating and treating individuals with neurologic conditions. By working in multiple settings of acute care, acute inpatient rehabilitation, and outpatient clinics, I have a greater understanding of rehabilitation across the care continuum and the importance of physical therapy at each stage along recovery. I had the opportunity to develop my skills with various neurologic conditions, such as stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, and cerebellar degeneration; however, I feel the residency has considerably refined my abilities to treat individuals with concussion and has greatly improved my awareness on spinal cord care. Additionally, opportunities […] exposed me to clinical teaching, where I had a hands-on role in the classroom as well as with a student in the clinic. The mentors and managers across all settings of the residency were very approachable, and I felt comfortable asking for more support if needed. This program provided me with the tools and mentorship to become a more confident and experienced therapist in the realm of neurologic physical therapy.

Kayla Chee