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Undergraduate school:

Elon University

Graduate school:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Professional interest:

My professional interests are eclectic and span the orthopedic physical therapy continuum. I love treating a varied patient population and the challenge of meeting the needs of patients regardless of their age, orthopedic dysfunction, life experience, or goals. Throughout my career, I have taken a special interest in postsurgical and nonsurgical rehabilitation of the shoulder, knee, and hip. Additionally, I enjoy problem-solving difficult clinical problems with patients in underserved areas of practice, including persistent pain disorders, headaches, and temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Why I serve as a mentor:

Mentorship has been an essential part of my personal and professional growth throughout my career. My mentors helped lay a foundation of skills and reflective practice that fueled my hard and soft skill development. I consider it my professional responsibility to mentor others, share my experiences, and foster my colleagues’ growth. My ongoing participation in the residency also helps me continue to challenge myself professionally. Each new resident brings unique knowledge and skills that push the boundaries of my practice.

Kyle Cooper, PT, DPT, OCS