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Undergraduate School

Saint Joseph’s University

Graduate School

Thomas Jefferson University

Professional interest

I am really interested in helping patients recover from strokes and brain injuries, as well as from vestibular disorders. I want to be involved with adaptive rowing and work with a facility dog in the future!

Why I chose to do a residency/fellowship program at UNC

I grew up in North Carolina so I was always aware of the high standard of care UNC provided it’s patients. I admire UNC’s mission to bring the highest standard of care to all patients, and I wanted to learn how to specialize in neurologic physical therapy from such an advanced institution. I also wanted to come back to NC after graduating from PT school and am looking forward to getting involved with adaptive rowing through my rowing connections here.

What I like about Chapel Hill, NC

I like how close Chapel Hill is to great hiking trails and camping in the North Carolina mountains and I absolutely love Kipos Greek restaurant!