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Institutional Policies

University Policy on Non-Discrimination
University Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment and Related Misconduct
Procedure for Religious Accommodations
Student Mistreatment and Learning Environment Concern Policy and Procedures

Assessments and Grade Policies

PAEA End of Rotation Examination Policy
Pre-Clinical Summative Assessment (PCSA) Remediation Policy
Written End of Curriculum Examination Policy
Cumulative Summative Assessment (CSA) Remediation Policy

Academic and Professional Assistance

Personal Health, Academic Performance Monitoring and Support Policy
Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
UNC-CH Care Team Referral
Leave of Absence Policy
Student Leave of Absence Request Form

Standing Operating Procedures

Jurisdiction of Program Policies
Student Role in Classroom and SCPEs
Student Identification in the Clinical Learning Environment
Student Employment Policy
Clinical Site & Preceptor Recruitment Policy
Student Shadowing During the Clinical Phase


UNC Honor Court
Attire Policy
Email Etiquette Standard Policy
Pre-Clinical Phase Attendance Policy
Clinical Phase Attendance Policy
Student-Faculty Professional Communication Policy

Monitoring Student Time

Student Duty Hour Guidelines

Health & Safety

Student Exposures
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure
Needlestick Exposure
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure-Mode of Operation
Student Incident Report
Controlled Substance Abuse Policy
Student Urine Drug Screen Policy
Student Criminal Background Check Policy
Faculty Provisions for Medical Care of Students
Personal Security Policy

Adverse Events and Disaster Plan

Adverse Event Policy
Hostile Intruder Policy and Procedures for UNC Chapel Hill Campus and Clinical Sites

Health Clearance

Health Clearance Protocol for PA Students
Health Clearance Protocol for Health Professions Students Schematic


Program policies apply to all students, principal faculty, and the program director regardless of location except in circumstances where discrepancies exist at Supervised Clinical Practice Experience (SCPE) locations. SCPE policies may supersede those of the program.