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Curriculum Development and Implementation Specialist, Preschool Project
Research Associate, Middle School and Preschool Projects

Melissa graduated from the University of Mount Olive with a Liberal Arts degree and a concentration in English. After various jobs in the business world, she decided that education was in fact her true calling. She returned to school at Meredith College and earned her teaching certification K-6. She worked as a classroom teacher for just over 10 years. During this time, she became acutely aware of the range of abilities among students’ written expression. As a result, she began to focus on the improvement of each student’s writing ability and developed new ways to approach writing in an effort to reach all students. Melissa decided it was time to leave the classroom and focus on the research side of education. She joined the team during the Middle School Writing Project, and she was thrilled when asked to join the Preschool Writing Program. She has quickly fallen in love with this age group as they soak everything in and are so excited about learning! When not at work, Melissa relishes the time spent with her two daughters, loves spending time at the beach with her husband, enjoys playing in the backyard with their two dogs, and she is constantly searching for the next great book to read.

Melissa Green