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  • Amir

    Weekly Participant Spotlight #5: Amir

    Medical school is tough. To some of us, just getting though exams with decent marks is a challenge that often has us clutching to our skulls lest we lose our heads. Then, there are some adventurous students who have added an extra-curricular activity (eyebrow-raising vocabulary around these parts) to their schedule, say some exercise, or … Read more

  • Weekly Participant Spotlight #4: Ashley

    When I first met Ashley, I got the impression that she is a sensible, dependable, properly nice sort of person. Theeen, I spent the weekend with her in tents, cars and canoes (an ideal recipe to get to know anyone) and discovered that while those aforementioned characteristics still hold true, she has several wonderful surprise-cookie … Read more

  • Weekly Participant Spotlight #3: Clark

    Do you know that feeling when you’re talking to someone and you realize half-way through the conversation that their mind is waaay out in space and they’ve just been kindly mhm-ing along to your story? Perhaps the only reason you notice (and this often happens to me) is that your own mind is way off … Read more

  • Weekly Participant Spotlight #2: Ben

    Despite the stress of medical school with its dense lectures (85 power point slides in 30 minutes? No problema), mountains of minute yet unnervingly significant factoids (Por ejemplo, have you heard of the Subtype47OfAUltraRareRespiratoryDisease? Well, if you give them the standard 23-drug combo treatment for the other 46 subtypes, they’ll have an acute drug reaction … Read more

  • Holly

    Weekly Participant Spotlight #1: Holly

    If you find yourself sitting in lecture next to someone who is definitely awake and seems pleasantly amused by nearly every facetious, droll or whimsical comment made by the discretely-passionate, coffee-imbued yet frustratingly unhurried creatures on stage and if you begin to find yourself drawn in by this person’s, your neighbor’s, polite, yet genuine giggles … Read more

  • HHA 2020

    2020: The New Decade

    2020. What a beautiful number. 20-20.’s got to be something special about this year, don’t you think? It’s like Earth Version 2.0, twice. As if there is so much to fix that rather than simply coming up with a second version, we’re going straight to the second version of the second version. Because this … Read more

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