Exploring International Perspectives in Medicine & Public Health

The purpose of this course is to promote an understanding of the context and background which frame health and healthcare in southern Honduras, as well as to develop skills necessary for a successful summer trip. Through discussions and seminars with multidisciplinary faculty, students will be introduced to the multiple forces that have shaped Honduras and its people. This course will also provide time for creating and simulating “charlas”, and of course practicing relevant medical Spanish.

Topics and Presenters from Past Spring Courses:

Contextual Overview

* Intro to the Course, Traveling Abroad, and Pre-trip Preparation Roles

Martha Carlough, MD Family Practice

Jonas Swartz, HHA 2010 Co-Leader

* Choluteca Culture and Development, Data Entry

Jonas Swartz, HHA 2010 Co-Leader

Danny Wilner

* Family Planning and Birth Control Methods

Vanessa Roth, Planned Parenthood

* Medical History and Political System of Honduras

Doug Morgan, MD, MPH

UNC Associate Professor of Medicine, Director UNC Center for Latino Health

Medical Overview

* Clinic Preparation and the Spanish Medical Interview

Rachel Fesperman, MS4

Kyle Lavin, MS4

* Cervical and Breast Cancer, Abnormal Pap Results

Rachel Fesperman, MS4

* STI Detection, Ethics of empirical treatment

Jonas Swartz, HHA 2010 Co-Leader

* The Well-Woman Exam in an International Setting

Martha Carlough, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Director of the Office of International Affairs

* Basics of a Well-Woman Exam

WHEC Consortium

Education and Advocacy

* Domestic Violence and Advocacy for Survivors

Lauren Hart, HHA 2010 Public Health Leader

* How to Plan a Successful Charla

Robyn Dayton, MPH

* Provider Response When a Woman Discloses Violence

Margaret Barrett and Mary Cason