HRIS, SPA & EPA RecruitmentWEB, Data Warehouse Access and Info

Links and information on obtaining an ONYEN, FACS ID, Screen Print Software, HR Data Warehouse, HRIS User Guide, SPA Recruitment Web User Guide, EPA Web Personnel Action System User Guide, etc.


Access to many of the University information systems require the user to have a UNC Chapel Hill ONYEN
(the Only Name You'll Ever Need) and a FACS ID (Facilities Access Control System).
The FACS is the financial applications login system.


For information on getting an ONYEN, click here.  For more information on obtaining a FACS ID, click here.

Systems Training is required for all users who will be originating actions in the SPA HRIS System, EPA and SPA Recruitment Web Systems. It is not required for users to use the data warehouse reporting tool, but it is highly recommended in order to utilize the features to the fullest extent.

SPA HRIS User Guide - Permanent SPA Employee Actions, Student SPA Temporary Employee Actions, Department Roles/Approvals/Email Notification, Other Direct Pay - Pro-rated Longevity, Responsibility for Transfer Actions When Two Departments are Involved, System Messages, System Shortcuts, General Funding Information. Click here to Request for System Access Form (HR-150)

ScreenPrint32 Software - instructions to install/download the ScreenPrint32 software on your computer that will enable the Print Screen Key on your keyboard, when depressed, to print an image of your computer screen.

HR Data Warehouse Guide - How to use and get access.  An ad-hoc reporting tool used to provide access to both current and historical human resources and funding source information from various University systems including EPA Web Personnel Action System, SPA HRIS, Payroll System, and Financial Reporting System.

SPA RecruitmentWeb User Guide - requesting and terminating system access, overview of roles and routing, navigating in SPA RecruitmentWeb, standard screens and actions

EPAWeb Personnel Action System User Guide - requesting and terminating system access, how roles and routing works, navigating and using EPAWeb, selected person screen, standard features when preparing an action, personnel actions, approving actions, reporting, document attachment