The UNC-Chapel Hill Hemophilia Treatment Center operates a 340B pharmacy.

What is the 340B Program?

Sometimes referred to as the PHS (Public Health Service) Program, the 340B Drug Pricing Program is a federal discount program available to hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) and other covered entities.

Congress established the 340B Program as part of the Veterans Health Care Act of 1992 so that HTCs and other covered entities can stretch their resources and provide more services to patients.

The 340B Program allows HTCs to purchase clotting factor at a discount for their patients. Clotting factor cost savings can be substantial if the product is obtained from an HTC outpatient factor program.

The 340B Program is an outpatient program. Clotting factor purchased through the 340B program is for outpatient use only.

All payers can be billed for drugs under the 340B Program.

HTCs must use the extra income from the 340B discount to maintain or expand supporting services as well as provide factor replacement products to uninsured patients.

To access the services of the UNC Hemophilia Treatment Center pharmacy, contact Dan Dalton, MS, RPh, the HTC Pharmacy Program Manager, at 919-843-9255.

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