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Principal Investigator:  Miranda van Tilburg , PhD
UNC Center for Functional GI & Motility Disorders
Bioinformatics Building, CB# 7080
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7080

Food and abdominal pain in adolescents and young adults

Many adolescents and young adults who suffer from chronic abdominal pain report food sensitivities; which may result in avoidance of certain foods. A research study at UNC investigates which foods patients avoid and what kind of symptoms these cause.

If you participate you will be asked to complete three daily food diaries over the phone as well as a questionnaire on eating and symptoms. No visits to UNC are required. You will receive $40 for completing the study.

Contact Megan Squires, 919-843 9755;

  • Ages 15-21
  • Diagnosed with recurrent abdominal pain or Irritable Bowel Syndrome by a physician
  • You can take part in the study whether or not you avoid eating certain foods.
  • Compensation Participants completing the study will receive $40.