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IHQI Improvement Fellow, Dr. Erin Orth, was featured on WRAL News on August 1, 2019, to discuss her improvement project in UNC’s Newborn Critical Care Center. Dr. Orth has implemented the Reach Out and Read program in the center, enrolling 350 babies to date. Reach Out and Read is a national organization that aims to teach the importance of reading to children. The program accomplishes this through medical providers who gift books to caregivers and children in the clinical setting. In the NICU setting at UNC, caregivers are provided with books to read to their babies while on the unit, and are gifted with a new book to take home each month. The response to the program has been very positive, with benefits including increased parent-baby bonding as well as faster language and brain development for at-risk infants. To learn more about Dr. Orth’s implementation of this program, please register for IHQI’s Improvement Scholars Symposium on September 19th, when she will present the results of this quality improvement initiative that began last fall.

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