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The Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program™ (Portfolio Program), a service provided through the American Board of Medical Specialties® (ABMS), works with all types of health care organizations to recognize the work physicians are already doing to improve their practices and the care of their patients. It offers an option for organizations to support physician involvement in quality, performance, and process improvement (QI/PI) initiatives at their institution and award physicians Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV) credit for the ABMS Program for Maintenance of Certification (ABMS MOC®).

More information about the American Board of Medical Specialties Multi-Specialty Portfolio Program

Click here for a handout about the ABMS Portfolio Program.

Participating ABMS Member Boards

The ABMS Multi-Specialty  Portfolio Program (MSPP) delegates to approved institutions (like the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) the ability to designate and award Part IV MOC Credit.
Through an application and review process, the ABMS MSPP approves institutions that conduct quality improvement projects that may qualify for Part IV MOC Credit.  These institutions (like UNC-Chapel Hill) identify projects that meet the Portfolio Program’s standards and award Part IV MOC credit to physicians who meet the requirements for project participation.

All Programs for MOC implemented by the Member Boards measure the same six competencies within the same four-part framework. While these elements are consistent across all Member Boards, what may vary, according to the specialty, are the specific activities the Member Boards use to measure these competencies. Despite some variation in the activities, they are all built upon evidence-based guidelines, national clinical and quality standards, and specialty best practices.

ABMS Member Boards currently participating can be found here.

(Not yet participating are the Boards of Allergy & Immunology, Colon & Rectal Surgery, Nuclear Medicine, and Neurological Surgery.)