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Participation Requirements

Complete the following:
a. Participating providers meet (formally or informally) and acknowledge the gaps in outcomes or in care delivery.
b. Participating providers are actively engaged in this QI project for at least 4 months.
c. Participating providers form groups and develop and implement specific QI interventions and PDSAs for a panel of their patients designed to improve the gaps in outcomes or in care delivery.
d. Participating providers will review data from the completed PDSAs, electronic health record, Tableau, or Business Objects and use the data to drive successful change.


☐ Provide feedback and reflection about the project via a survey at the end of the project, including the following questions:
• Change. What change did you personally make in your practice?
• Impact. How did this change impact patient care in your practice?
• Learning. What did you learn as part of participating in this QI effort?
• Sustainability. Explain how you plan to sustain the changes you made to your practice because of this QI effort.