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Participation Requirements

1. Completion of the Announcement Approach Training Workshop, including pre- and post-survey
2. Participates in their clinic’s meetings/ huddles/updates/ educational sessions where they receive HPV vaccination initiation rates for their performance and their clinic’s and an
update on progress to incentive goals
3. Actively involved in the financial incentive project 5 months following the Announcement Approach Training (AAT)
4. Orders or recommends HPV vaccine for patients aged 9-12 or educates parents on HPV vaccination.


☐ I reflected upon the following areas:
1. Change. What change did you personally make in your practice?
2. Impact. How did this change impact patient care in your practice?
3. Learning. What did you learn as part of participating in this QI effort?
4. Sustainability. Explain how you plan to sustain the changes you made to your practice because of this QI effort.