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Course Calendar FY18 – Topics are subject to change as the course progresses. Changes will be shared with students in class and via email. Any questions concerning the syllabus can be directed to the course manager.

Date Topic
March 15, 1-3 Observe FY18 project experience
Apr 17, 3-5 Course Introduction & Orientation 1.     Introductions

2.     Review syllabus, time of class

3.     Course expectations (attendance)

4.     Mentor & Communication Expectations/MOU

5.     Methodology used during course

6.     Scholarly product-Abstract, poster Presentation

7.     Sustainability

8.     MOC Part IV

9.     Website (IHQI, textbook)

10.   Materials-Syllabus, textbook, QI Macros

11.   Course Number


May 22, 3-5 Improvement Team Composition & Leadership “Improvement Project Roadmap”

Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 1, 3

The Meaning of Work” podcast (until 36:30)

Jun 12, 3-5 Charters, A3s, and Driver Diagrams What’s Your Theory?


Jul 17, 3-5 Understanding Problems: Process Modeling, Root Cause Analysis Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 5
Aug 21, 3-5 Understanding and Making Changes, PDSA Cycles Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 8
Sep 18, 3-5 Measurement Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 6


Oct 16, 3-5 Data Analysis & Reporting Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 7


November (TBD) Meeting with Amy, Mentor, Student


Dec 4, 3-5 Scholarship, Dissemination, Human Subjects (IRB) “SQUIRE 2.0”

QI and IRB Considerations

Stanford QA QI Facts


Jan 15, 3-5 Sustainability IHI White Paper Sustaining Improvement (pp. 4-8)


Feb 19, 3-5 Spread Fundamentals of Healthcare Improvement, Ch. 9


Mar 12, 3-5 Symposium Practice and Preparation “How to Give a Killer Presentation”


March 14, 1-3pm (tentative) FY19 Student Symposium



Students needing to request time away from clinic may use this template below. Please contact the course manager for more assistance.

Dear Dr. XX,

Your student is enrolled in the physician leadership in quality and safety scholarly concentration.  This year-long scholarly concentration is voluntary but there is a mandatory class on Tuesday from 3-5pm once monthly.  It is essential your student participate in the class so that he/she may develop the skills necessary to complete his/her final year-long project.
I would appreciate it if you excuse XX from clinical duties to attend this class.

Thank you.

Amy Shaheen

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