Implementation of TeamSTEPPS™ in your unit or area involves four main categories – assessment, planning, training and implementation, and sustainment. The tools available here have either been adapted from national implementation materials or developed at UNC. The materials may be helpful to you whether you are just starting out, providing refresher training, or sustaining improvements.

Set the Stage: Assessment

Decide What To Do: Planning

Make It Happen: Training & Implementation

“Ready” Training

TeamSTEPPS Fundamentals (in-class training presentation facilitated by a Master Trainer)

Link to LMS online course (enter “TeamSTEPPS” into the Course Catalog search)

Master/Coach Training

TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer

There are five regional training centers offering the two-day interactive course for Master Trainer certification. Duke University is our local training center. You can view training dates and register online through the national implementation site.

Make It Stick: Sustainment

Sustaining a TeamSTEPPS Intervention
Planning for Sustaining Improvements

Additional Resources

Web sites

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