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As an academic medical institution, UNC is fortunate to have many clinicians who not only engage in quality improvement initiatives, but who publish their findings for others to learn from and share. IHQI stays abreast of recent QI publications from UNC authors who are focused on improving clinical care and improvement outcomes.

Please email us at if you have an article to add to this list.

Some links below require a UNC onyen and password. If you are off-campus when viewing this page, use PubMed or Google Scholar to access articles in full text. Users without UNC affiliation can access these articles if affiliated with a library with journal subscriptions. Some articles are open access and available to all.

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A Lean Quality Improvement Initiative to Enhance Tobacco Use Treatment in a Cancer Hospital. Meyer C, Mitra S, Ruebush E, Sisler L, Wang K, Goldstein AO. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2020 Mar 24;17(6). pii: E2165. doi: 10.3390/ijerph17062165. PMID: 32213994

A 6-Country Collaborative Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Nutrition and Decrease Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Mother–Infant Pairs. Barker Pierre; Quick Timothy; Agins Bruce; Rollins Nigel; Sint Tin Tin; Stern Amy F.; Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care, 6/27/2019; 18 1-9. 9p. ISSN: 2325-9582

Aligning Medical Student Curriculum with Practice Quality Goals: Impacts on Quality Metrics and Practice Capacity for Students. Shaheen, Amy; W.Fedoriw, Kelly; Bossenbroek Khachaturyan; Susanna Steiner; Beat Golding; Julie Byerley; Julie S.Beck; Dallaghan, Gary L.; American Journal of Medicine, Dec2019; 132(12): 1478-1483. 6p. ISSN: 0002-9343 PMID: NLM31493372

The Golden Hour: a quality improvement initiative for extremely premature infants in the neonatal intensive care unit. Croop, Sarah E.W.; Thoyre, Suzanne M.; Aliaga, Sofia; McCaffrey, Martin J.; Peter-Wohl, Sigal; Journal of Perinatology, Mar2020; 40(3): 530-539. 10p. ISSN: 0743-8346

Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Receipt of Timely Surveillance Endoscopy After Variceal Bleeding. Moon, Andrew M.; Kim, Hannah P.; Barritt, A. Sidney; Darling, Jama; Arora, Shifali. American Journal Of Gastroenterology. 114. S593-S594. 10.14309/01.ajg.0000593696.15754.0c.

Improving the Accuracy of Newborn Weight Classification. Pickerel, Kathy Kay Waldrop, Julee Freeman, Emily Haushalter, Jamie D'Auria, Jennifer; Journal of Pediatric Nursing, Jan2020; 50 54-58. 5p. ISSN: 0882-5963

Assessing and Reducing Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Radiotracer Infiltrations: Lessons in Quality Improvement and Sustainability. Kiser JW, Benefield T, Lattanze RK, Ryan KA, Crowley J. Journal of Clinical Oncology: Oncology Practice. 2020 Feb 11:JOP1900302. doi: 10.1200/JOP.19.00302.

An Atrial Fibrillation Transitions of Care Clinic Improves Atrial Fibrillation Quality Metrics. Abadie BQ, Hansen B, Walker J, Deyo Z, Biese K, Armbruster T, Sears SF, Tuttle H, Sadaf MI, Gehi AK. JACC Clinical Electrophysiology. 2020 Jan;6(1):45-52. doi: 10.1016/j.jacep.2019.09.001

Multimodal Analgesia Protocol after Head and Neck Surgery: Effect on Opioid Use and Pain Control. Du E, Farzal Z, Stephenson E, Tanner A, Adams K, Farquhar D, Weissler M, Patel S, Blumberg J, Jowza M, Hackman T, Zanation A. Otolaryngology Head Neck Surgery. 2019 Sep;161(3):424-430. doi: 10.1177/0194599819841885.

Quality Improvement Initiatives to Assess and Improve PET/CT Injection Infiltration Rates at Multiple Centers. Wong, Terence Z.; Benefield, Thad; Masters, Shane; Kiser, Jackson W.; Crowley, James; et al. Journal Of Nuclear Medicine Technology. 2019 Dec; 47(4): 326-331. doi: 10.2967/jnmt.119.228098